Negina Kumar (Germany) Egyptian Dance

Negina Kumar . Egyptian Dance

NEGINA  is a diverse performer and instructor based in Bielefeld, Germany. She has spent most of her life studying dance and music. Her dedication to art, especially to egyptian live music has made her a highly qualified instructor, choreographer and a passionate performer for Egyptin Dance. Her dedication to the egyptian stile and the permanent  analysis of music and technique has made her a unique teacher for egyptian dance.


She is performing the old Egyptian Dance Stile without western influence and she has brought musicians on stage since September 2000. Her first show with live music was the beginning of  a TRUE LOVE STORY.


It is about feeling the music,finding your own stile and technique, thaught from the music.


She has been married to the grate Egyptian Drummer Mohamed Zaki  and her son Wael is still connecting them. She has learned a lot from the Master of Percussion, who has always reminded her to stay calm on stage, feel the music and avoid a big circus.


"Less is more, but one has to be grounded, daring to dance little which becomes a lot"


Staying in the rhythm, feeling the rhythm and the music, building  your own dance personality.....

Tanz Oase Bielefeld


Negina Kumar

Jahnplatz 2

33602  Bielefeld




0521 - 949 77 923


Mobil & Whatsapp:

0178 - 803 4117




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